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Would you like to have your very own Perfect Makeup Kit? Do you struggle with finding the right makeup products to suit you? Wish someone could help you find which brands, out of the millions of recommendations out there, you should be going for but just don't have the time?

If you’re someone who gets confused when it comes to buying makeup, or you find your makeup bag at home is a mess and every time you go shopping you add more products to it. Yet they somehow never seem to work. Then the Personal Shopping Service could save you time, money and help to take away all of that stress. 


What is the Personal Shopping Service?

What if I told you I could build you your very own personal Perfect Makeup Kit in 2 hours or less, guaranteed. The Personal Shopping service is for anyone who:

  • Is tired of wasting money on the wrong products or keeps buying stuff that doesn’t work and finally wants to be organised and get what’s perfect for them
  • Needs an unbiased opinion from a professional and highly experienced makeup artist instead of a counter or sales person trying to make commission
  • Is busy and wants to save time from looking around, trying to figure out what’s best, and is happy to have someone do all the hard work for them, so that they can walk away with a makeup kit that will not only continue to work for life but will make them look and feel amazing

With the Personal Shopping service you will have me by your side, guiding you with the right recommendations and taking you to the best brands. Someone who has already done the research, has all the experience and can give you the answers and correct products you’ve been looking for. The best part is you will feel amazing using them knowing they suit you and look beautiful every time!

What’s also great about going on a shopping trip with me? You will learn what you specifically need to look out for when buying makeup, meaning you’ll have the knowledge to guide you for any future trips. 

Just to get you started I have a free gift for you to download here!


Once you've downloaded your checklist, book a free 20 minute phone consultation with me now to find out more. 

And if you finally want to have your own Perfect Makeup Kit (in 2 hours or less!) email me to book your Personal Shopping Service. 

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Humayra's Perfect Makeup Kit Checklist

Want to know what goes into the Perfect Makeup Kit? Download your free checklist to find out!

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